An iron was plugged into the power strip that was plugged into a ups. The ups got overloaded immediately and the fuse tripped. I pushed it back in and let things cool. Now my computer will not boot. The DVD drive lights and the fan turns on, but the front power light does not light and that is as far as it goes. I hope it is fixable.

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Actually, it's probable that the voltage surge fried your SMPS/motherboard. You could check the SMPS and the board on another machine to see if they're working.

I know what the mother board is, but what is an SMPS ?

That's the Power Supply Unit. The little box to which you connect the power cable.

If the power suppy was bad, I would think that nothing would turn on. When I get home I will check into it. Thanks for all your help. At least I know where to start now.

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