I just recently purchased a Logitech 'Premium USB Headset 300', and I also reformated my computer and installed xP professional. Now, when I go to plug in my mic in the USB port, nothing happens. It is suposed to read that there is new softwear or what ever, but it doesn't happen. And, there is supposed to be a green light that comes on (on the mic) but it only comes on right when I turn on my computer, but then it shuts off.
I don't know whats going on lol, can Any one help?


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Have you installed SP1 or 2 for your PC along with the motherboard chipset drivers? Otherwise, if you have a USB2.0 capable PC, then you probably don't have USB ports properly installed!

how would i go about doing that?

Well, Windows update will get you on the way to Service Pack 2. As for your motherboard chipset drivers, I need to know what PC you have - either the model or just the motherboard if you know it.

Hmm, I got it custom or what ever from my local shop, but i think this might do the trick....


I can see you are using Service Pack 2 after reading your dxdiag.txt file. (nice video card!)

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