Hello all, was hopping to get some help with this card.fast rundown of what I have here..its a NF7-S 2.0 Motherboard +2800 AMD using AGP for card..I had a IT-4600 128mb card and the fan went so I sent it back to Nvidia, They sent me back a 6800 OC 128..

Problem when I put the new card in all the letter's and numbers are broken and some of the color's are all out of place..when window's gets to my desktop the picture is faded and I have little redish dot's all over the screen..I found the Driver's online downloaded them went to install them and I got the Black screen of death...I looked in my Divice manager and it like the card is not thier..it just say's VGA drivers not installed but its hooked to the new card.

Did a Bios update to my motherboard still cant get it to work..
I picked up a 128 Diamond Stealth Radeon card that I am not very happy with and would love to get this new Nvidia card to work..

Oh I also made sure that my IRQ was set to Atuo if that matters not real sure at this point..Any help at all would be great thanks......


I assume you disabled or uninstalled the old driver.
I once returned a bad hd under warranty only to get another bad one.
If you could test your card in another computer allways helps.

It might not be compatible with your motherboard. Despite what they say, not all AGP cards work with all motherboards.

You might want to consider upgrading your BIOS. If all else fails, you can sell that card (it's a decent card, truth be told), and get the same version of the card you previously had, and know works.