Help Please! I got a Epson Stylus CX3200 printer and my mac G4 running OSX argues with it a lot. Every now and then it will print just fine out of explorer and certian other programs, but other times it refuses to print anything at all, saying "an error has occured, please check your connections". The cable is securly connected to both the computer and the printer, so that's not the problem, I've deleted all the printer software from the computer and reinstalled it but that doesn't always fix the problem. I've tried stopping and starting the printer queue and reselecting the printer in the printer list, but that only works so often also. Some programs it refuses to print anything, I believe it's Adobe, but not 100% sure, the manuel tells me nothing. When I purchased this printer at Office Depot, I made sure to ask if it's compatable w/ mac, and they said yes, but I know they don't always know what they're talking about. I would appreciate any help with this stupid printer. Thanks!


I am wondering if this is still happening to you. What version of OS X are you running? 10.0 and 10.1 were, um, not the best for printing. 10.2 introduced CUPS printing (better) and 10.3 has worked fine for me.

Let us know,


I finally got fed up with it and mutiple other problems I was having w/ 10.1 (which I was using) and finally upgraded to 10.3 which has not given me much trouble. I am enjoying this version a lot better, and it seems to have a lot fewer flaws, such as now, it talks w/ my printer effortlessly. It's great not having to fight w/ my computer. Thanks.

Hello Laurence,

OS X 10.1 was better than 10.0, but yes, I remember that printing was, well, you could write it out by hand instead of sending it to the printer. Apple really got the show on the road with 10.2 concerning printing, older hardware support (such as my Powerbook G3 and video drivers), and neat/cool addins, such as Quartz Extreme.

Considering how much modifications were required, I think Apple did a GREAT job to keep classic running, and to ease transition pains.

Glad it is working well for you.


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