Somebody recently told me that if i want to use speakers to play my music from the computer that I need a reciever. Here at my house I have a kenwood stereo amplifyer is this the same as a reciever?? Well I thought it was so i hooked it up to my computer speaker which is hooked up to my computer only it didnt play it only made a pfhfhffffffff sound. Am i doing something wrong? any input would help

hmm to me it sounds like you are not connecting you stuff up right. But in any case check all of you connections and make sure they all match up. The slots and the plugs are color-coded. And make sure they all match up. and if they are not color coded usually it's just green. Also this is the wrong categorey for this problem plz move this to another category

Well I thought it was so i hooked it up to my computer speaker

if the amp is hooked to a set of speakers it will work ,but not to the speaker of the computer to the soundcard where the computer speakers are plugged in,if you only have 3 plug in on the sound card you will need to unplug the computer speakers ,and using a audio cable from the computer to the amp plug it into the green conection of the siound card ,or if you have 4 plugs[5 and 1 's] on the card you can plug the cable into the black plug on the sound card ,you will need a cable to plug between the card and the reciever and you will need to make sure the computers speakers are set to 4 speakers or 5 and 1 in the sound settings in control panel /

the audio cable I have doesnt fit in the little greeen hole on my sound card. Its too big, as apposed to the little green plug of my computer speakers

a simple adapter can be purchased at any electronics/computer store just tell them you want to convert large to mini pin