my computer has 128MB PC2100 RAM and i just recently bought a 256MB PC2100 RAM(i know it's kinda old, but it's much better than having none;) )..i'm not that sure if my computer would detect both of them, based on what i've heard that your RAM must come from the same manufacturer..can you guyz give me any idea??

No really. As long as both RAMs are of the same type (DDR, SD etc), they will work. Just plug the second ram stick in and youre good to go...

some motherboards are picky, but this is rare. typically it really wont matter what brand like goldeagle said. However, i would remove the origional stick and put the new one in the old sticks slot, and stick the old one next to the new one. This way your first bank is a larger stick. I've been told this can increase performance a little.

Yeah, nizzy's right. I forgot to mention that. It's preferable to install the largest RAM module in the first bank, then the second largest and so on.

Ok..thanks guyz..this info really helped me alot..thanks!!!

I use some generic chinese stuff in my TP and it runs fine wven with a 64mb in slot 1 and a 512 in slot 2

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