I bought a Western Digital 120GB EIDE HardDrive but returned it because it was making too much noise. They shipped me back a 160GB HD at no extra charge...but what they didn't tell me is that it's not IDE or EIDE, it's Serial ATA ....and I dunno how to hook that up to my PC. Apparently it doens't work the same as Master/Slave, but I don't even know what plug goes into it. I have an Asus A7N8X mobo if that helps. I also currently have a 40GB Maxtor IDE HardDrive installed in my PC and intend to keep it there hopefully with this new 160GB drive.

Anyone know how to hook one of these up?

If you don't see an SATA hookup on your motherboard, your not going to be able to, I've seen very vew SATA cards as well, most with only a single slot.

If you don't see an SATA hookup on your motherboard...

Yeah, the "Deluxe" version of the A7N8X has SATA, but the straight-up A7N8X doesn't.

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