I added a new sound card to my system so i could pull off a 5.1 sound system. Ever since installing the Drivers for the sound card, After finding out the driver software wasnt WHQL certified, which i found the new driver, i randomly keep getting bluescreens, only thing i have managed to write down so far from the bluescreen is Driver_IRQL_Less_or_equal. But sometimes i dont even get the bluescreen my sound just stops for a few seconds then my computer resets. I have been searching the web for a day and a half now to try and find something but nothing has turned up, anyone have any ideas? I am going to return it and try a different pci card in a few days if i cannot figure it out. Thanks. P.S trying uninstalling all audio drivers NVIDIA card auto installs its to my tv audio, than i install the Xonar audio drive. Still bluescreens/random shutdowns. THE SOUND IS GREAT THOUGH while the card works :P

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What is the OS (and version) you are running? What is the make/model of the sound card?

In any case, I'd send the card back and get one more main-stream. 5.1 sound cards are easy to get, and not too expensive these days.

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