So I bought this gateway laptop a year ago, and the warranty ended a few days ago. It is a MD2614u. This does not happen all the time, but most of the time. When I hit the power button, all lights come up and the screen turns on, but it doesn't go anywhere from there. It just gets stuck in there.It does not make any difference if I start up with just the battery or the AC.
Any input will be greatly appreciated.

If the system batt. is no good it won't make any difference if the AC adapter is perfectly new.

Could that be? How can I check the level of the system battery? I haven't had any warning from the computer about that.

On a laptop the system battery is an internal device. As for a warning about all you might get is what is generally termed an idiot light (power on light).
With a volt meter the system battery should read, at full charge, about 14.5vDC with the AC adapter disconnected.

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