Hello Community,
I was just clearing up my (Android) phone and when I was looking in the downloads folder there is an Adobe Acrobat folder and inside of it is a random file I couldn't imagine I've downloaded its name is 'ChandlerIncidentReview.pdf' no a single clue how it got on my phone, I opened it and its a bunch of scanned documents from the Chandler Police Department. The document is about this case. How would it had gotten on my phone?

Hm. Perhaps an overzealous browser pre-loaded it for you from a link on a page you visited?

Yeah probably

Remove it. DO NOT OPEN IT! It may well be malware, ready to infect your system if you open it. I don't know, but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry!

commented: Absolutely agree - especially considering that we are talking about a PDF here! +13
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