I just want to upgrade my desktops graphics to something better so that I can play some decent MMO without lag,
can anyone tell me what kind of card does my desktop support,
I thought this would be helpful from cpuz,
Let me know what else info you need...thanks
DMI Extension Slot      
    designation     PCI1
    type            PCI
    width           32 bits
    populated       no

DMI Extension Slot      
    designation     PCIEX16
    type            A5
    populated       no

DMI Extension Slot      
    designation     PCIEX1_1
    type            A5
    populated       no

DMI Extension Slot      
    designation     PCIEX1_2
    type            A5
    populated       yes
     echo "Hello World!";

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Yes, in any of the PCIEX16 slots, that is PCI Express and should support it. If you're upgrading your graphics card, providing it is the same slot type then you should be able to just pull out and replace.

PCI is the full size card, anything with the EX or a number is going ot be PCI Express, you have various types such as PCI Express 1 which is the smallest all the way up to x16.

Remember to ground yourself, switch of the power and install the drivers!
Quick question, why did you wrap your question in code tags?

Thanks for your reply.
I was not able to post it so I put it in quote, i think it was because of the spaces it didnt let me.
So does this mean I can buy any ddr5 card and put it in there or ddr3 ?
This is my first post as you can see.

As far as I am aware, your DDR is just a measure of transfer rate so you should be able to put any type in there (with the higher being the better, although your motherboard obviously has it's own transfer rate so you don't want to exceed that as it would be a waste).

You can choose any which shall fit, so any in either the x16 or x1 range (x16 is your only option as it is graphics card... that is if you wanted decent graphics).

Welcome to the forums by the way.

Great thank you.
I just ordered a ATI radeon HD6450 1Gb DDR3
I think its decent.

what is the name of trhis motherboard u have ..look for the name betwen th slots or near the processor in white words

Obviously yes you have mentioned pcie x16 slot is there on your MoBo.

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