Well, just earlier today, I was talking to one of my friends about buying a new graphics cards, something from nVidia or something. They told me to open my comp case to see if my motherboard had this PCIe slot in it.

I opened, I looked, I cried. Apparently my eMachine doesn't have a PCIe slot, or maybe I've been looking at the wrong PCIe slot pictures.

Most likely I don't have it.

From what I've been told, a lot of the "better" graphics cards out there in stores only work with PCIe slots. Are there any good alternatives?

I thought PCI-E was the 64 bit AGP? not sure.

Well, right now, I have no idea what to do about upgrading my graphics on this eMachine of mine. All the slots I know that are in there are fit for those cards used for wireless internet. As far as I'm concerned, my computer's graphics are un-upgradable.

there are agp and pcie for graphics cards. it sounds like you only have pci. YOu can add a pci graphics card, but its performance will not provide you with anything great for gaming. So yes, it is pretty safe to say your graphics options are un upgradeable.

Well, I guess my next option it to buy a new computer?

I won't bother buying a new motherboard that has PCIe express, I'd have trouble installing it.

My computer's about.. three years old or so. Do the new models of 2006 already have PCIe in 'em? If so, what kind of computer should I get?

A new computer is an option. All new models will not have pcie in it. You will have to look. Most likely, manufacturers will not ship it with a slot unless you have it configured with a graphics card in it already. If you want a recomendation for a computer, i am partial to dell's. I think they make good value computers. Just make sure you configure it to have the slot, or a graphics card (perferably) in it at the initial purchase.