Hi! Newbie here.

I have an issue with a HP Pavilion 553x. At power up, all fans run normally, the aftermarket video card driver loads, the drives have activity, the keyboard never lights up, the fans slow down, and the ccomputer beeps continuously. The Hp Invent screen is displayed and that's pretty much it. I cannot get into the set-up.

The machine was running fine. I attempted to plug a USB cable into the front slot when it went south. I've since disconnected the front USB cable from the mobo. I also removed mobo to check for leaky caps, cleaned all connectors and sockets, including video card and sound card.

The power supply puts out 5.3 volts to the drives, but I'm unsure where to check for the 12 volts.

Any ideas?:sad:

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WOW! Posted June 2006 and no answers to this one? Similar problem with mine but get absolutely nothing on the screen. Tried different hard drive, different cd player, etc. Still nothing. Yesterday it worked all day. Before that it hadn't worked all summer. Any ideas?

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