Hello Daniweb Community,
I've been given a Nighthawk (R7000) to checkout to see if I can get it working and I'm having no luck, I've plugged an ethernet cable straight from the router to my computer and it just keeps disconnecting and I've tried 3 of the ports on the back. It's not even giving out a Wi-Fi signal, I'd ask Netgear but I'm not paying for them to look at it.

As I said, I tried an ethernet cable (yes it works, It's one I've used in the past. Plus the router owner even tried her own at her house) and I tried any way (I would come up with) to access the login page. I tried the Netgear url (routerlogin.net) and the IP address (

Sounds like it has a serious hardware or software problem. If not still under warranty, they should just replace the unit.

I'm sorry, can you clarify? It's disconnecting randomly when plugged in via Ethernet and it's not giving off a wifi signal at all and the IP address just times out? But it works for a limited amount of time when hardwired? Did I understand that correctly or am I just confused.

I'm going to second what rubberman said and chalk it up to a hardware or firmware glitch. Is it possible to flash the firmware?

Since you said that you've been "given" this router by someone else, have you tried to entirely reset the router back to its default factory settings before assuming that the device itself is defective?
A "Factory Reset" is the first thing that I do whenever I "inherit" a network device from someone else.
Instructions for doing so for your R7000 can be found here: