While downloading the latest VB.Net my laptop automatically shutdown and when I tried to turn it on again it didn't boot and stays in black screen; cpu led not blinking but the laptop was still open. I thought it was overheat and when I try to open it the day after the laptop still stays on blackscreen and wont boot.

What is the problem and the solution to this issue on my laptop?

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Try this:

  1. power down the laptop
  2. remove the battery
  3. disconnect the AC power
  4. hold down the power button for 15 seconds
  5. plug in the AC power but do not reconnect the battery
  6. try to boot

If that works then reconnect the battery.

commented: 15? I've run across 30 seconds. Over time I find one out at 45 seconds. So for that reason, I put 60 seconds up on my sticky post about this. +11

I always used my laptop with a charger and without battery plug to it.

@jeff, did you complete the reset noted?

That time vb.net was about 50% complete before my laptop automatically shutdown and when i try to open it again the next day, it stays on black screen and didn't continue on booting the windows; Also cpu led doesn't blink.

Since it appears that the reset worked (you didn't tell if it did or not) now it reads as if this is an old laptop. For now, skip the VB net since you rarely need it.

Let's hear make, model, age and if you knew to use the canned air on the vents once in a while.
Also if past a few years, did you replace the CMOS battery? Some laptops just won't boot when it's old and too low. There's a sign this is a broken laptop. You claim you leave the battery out. Why?

yes its an old laptop and I cannot set the date/time properly which i think related to what you pointing "CMOS battery"

model: msi laptop
processor: amd athlon

That's because the battery broke up and doesn't charge at all. When it is plugged, there's a pop up says that "battery needs replacement" something like that.

if the solution you've said earlier does'nt work. Does the error related on the cooling fan or on the memory or on the hard drive?

Since batteries are cheap I replace those. THAT CLUE about not setting the date/time means you want to replace the CMOS battery too.

I understand that folk will not try 20 bucks of parts. I get that.

Computer accessories like batteries are more expensive here in my country. LOL
That's why I want to know other alternative solution for my problem. But i will try your solution earlier

@Jeff. That may be so and have heard this before. Are you saying a few parts is more than a new laptop?

I think so because its an old laptop. Its LED monitor displays line on it.

I tried your solution but it didnt work. Also i tried to remove the ram but no beeping sound. Is it a sign that the motherboard broken? Does the HDD still working??

@jeff. Usually it's the motherboard or less often the LCD. Once a machine hits that low point unless you can source parts for cheap and even then it's the end. As to the HDD, a 500GB HDD here is well under 50 and anything smaller is 20 bucks at the PC thrift store (unless they are overpriced.)

So it sounds like it's the end. Just last month woot.com had a bunch of refurb dual core Windows 7 laptops for 129USD so that gives you an idea that repair is getting to be a tough market when you can find working models for so cheap. Also last month I picked up a Chromebook 15 inch for 87USD to my door. Next we are seeing 89 and 99 buck laptops just about to break onto the market.

I'd go shopping over repair today.

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