Hi you all.

I am new to the world of PC building and this would be the first PC I have ever built. I used a website called pcpartpicker.com and came up with the following build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/NV30. I thought it would be well suited to my needs, and the website concluded that all the parts were compatible. I would just like to double check that with you guys. If there is an incompatibility, please tell me what it is and what a good replacement would be. If there are any superflous parts, please also notify me about what they are and why I would not need them (I need wireless). Also, if you have any other builds that you would recommend for gaming and coding, please reply with the build link. (Note: if you are going to send me a build, please have it include everything I have included in my build.)

Thank You!

The company that I work for ordered a batch of workstations (Dell Precision) a few years ago that came with the ATI FireGL card that you have selected. Although this is a fair card, it is quite dated and I am sure you can get something with better performance. Additionally, this particular card (in our enterprise) had a high failure rate. Mind you, we are still using those Dell Precision systems and this year alone I have had to replace 14 of those cards personally and there are other techs that I work with that have also replaced some. Nothing against ATI, just that card because it puts out too much heat and eventually it burns out. We have other ATI cards that have been running just as long without failure, but we have had our best results over time from Nvidia cards.

Another thing that I just noticed… The CD drive you have selected appears to be for a laptop and not a standard desktop / tower configuration.
All of this appears a bit unusual in that you are selecting very cheap items in some places and expensive items in other places.
For the money you are spending, you would probably be better served to buy a system from a big name company to have the reliability and warranty.
The only good reason to build a system any more is if you want to go extremely high end and potentially even over clock the system for greater performance. But you are going with a low-end video card which would bottleneck any processor performance gain you might get.

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