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I've recently switched to a cable internet service and with the modem/router our provider sent us which is a modem/router and the parental controls on it are crap so I've had to hook up our old router for the kids (dedicated for them).
So what I'm wanting to do is have access to all three routers on the network, here is a layout of the network.

1 is the bungalow
2 is the main modem/router
3 is the kids router (because as I said before the main router has crap parental controls)

So I'm wanting to know if there is any way to access 3 without having to go into the house and edit the settings.

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You can access a router by browsing to a particular IP address. On my router the address is If you browse to that address you will be asked for a username/password. If you do not know the credentials then you will have to attach to the router via cable and browse to that address. Once there you should be able to set/reset the password.

Check your router documentation for default addresses/usernames. Incidentally, some routers have a specific page with a RESET/REBOOT button which will allow you to reset/reboot remotely. Sometimes this is not an option on the settings but is still available if you know the page URL. Again, on my router it is I found this out from Google search.

How are they connected. Also, are they routers, switches, or WiFi access points? If they are all routers, what are their base addresses?

Hey sorry for the late reply, I swear I didn't even get notified about this post.
The main Router is a cable router/modem which goes off to two routers. The main Router IP is the bungalow is and the kids one is I think it might be the settings between the main the router and the kids router. The way I've set is so all devices are black listed on the kids router, unless whitelisted, then I've blocked their devices from accessing the main Router/modem.
However even if I connect to the kids router I still can't access the bungalow router.

Which ones can you ping? Are they all wireless? If they are all wireless I don't see why you can't access them.

There are 2 different connections. You only have access to 1 router and the other is as a "routing only" slave I've had experience connecting several routers together.
What you can do is create a share folder and see if you can fill the "bangalow" on the network.

Check the connection ports, some routers only work on the 1st port the cable that comes from the other connection

What I'll try is disabling the parental controls and see if I can access it.

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