I am trying to set up a 2012 Server for VPN access, this is not a domain, just a plain 2012 to store files for local access but now I would like to install VPN so we could access the files from remote sites.
I have read and followed many guides, all seem straight forward, but I am keep getting random error such as 678,79z, 801, 807 (I am guessing each time I change the client settings the error reflect the changes).
The router in use is just a normal TP-Link with PPTP support which I am told when it is selected it should automatically setup GRE47 together eith 1723.
The clients I have tried are Win7 Pro, XPx64 but so far without any sucess.
I then tried this on another 2012 that is hosted with BT Fibre and their latest Business Hub, again setting up PPTP but then get error 678. According to BT, it does allow PPTP/GRE47 once the PPTP port forwarded but I just can't seen to get anywhere.
After all the equipment tried, I am narrowing down to human error, but what am I doing wrong ? would be really grateful for any help on this one.

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Have you tried running Linux in a virtual machine on the 2012 server and installing OpenVPN on that? I've done that and it works just fine, though you need to use a bridged instead of NAT'd virtual network interface for the VM.

PPTP and ipsec/L2tp are native to windows... anything else requires a 3rd party client. (I prefer OpenVPN myself).

You either run pptp endpoint on the router or you forward the port internally to the windows server and set that up as your endpoint. Not both... I mention it because it was not very clear in your port.

Other than that, I would need to see your steps...or your current config.
Are you following a guide, lets get a link there too.
Are you using your perimeter router as endpoint? I'll need make/model and your current config.

Lastly, how dod you setup the client? And what errors do you see at what point in the process.

More detail the better.


I agree that an OpenVPN tunnel is quite snappy on a single 1194 UDP port forward from your firewall. Yes, it requires a client download, but you can really trim down access on the VPN, and beef up security with different features, including the ability to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.

PPTP was developed back in the days of Windows NT, or the 1990's. There are problems with the protocol, some of which are discussed https://www.bestvpn.com/blog/4147/pptp-vs-l2tp-vs-openvpn-vs-sstp-vs-ikev2/

As for general troubleshooting, you can use a packet sniffer like Ethereal / Wireshark to see if packets are reaching your server on the proper port or not.


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