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I have been trying to setup a Win XP unit for somebody and everytime they open up IE it is working offline by default. when you set it to "work online" it is fine for that session but will not keep the "work online" setting. I know that IE and OE share the work offline feature (ie. you set one, you set the other) and both of these will work online for a session but when the unit is rebooted they both revert back to the "work offline" setting.
Can anyone help me with a registry key that would set these to "work online" by default?
Any help is appreciated,

Is this a dialup system?

Open IE, then click on Tools -> Internet Options. Click on the Connections tab, and then choose "Always dial my default connection" . Click OK, then it should always dial out.

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Yes, this is a dial-up system.
And, yes, "Always dial default connection" is selected, I thought this would solve the issue but it was already selected when I checked.
Any other resolutions anybody? I can find a registry key that sets "work offline" as default but not one to "work online".

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