Hi everyone, I have a question about my game slowing down when I get in close proximity to other players. It is fine if I am by myself but when I get close to 3-4 other players or vehicles it becomes very unstable and almost imposible to control my actions until they move away or I am zapped! I am only playing Desert Combat at the moment so I am not sure if it happens in any other games.

My set-up is:
p4-2.4 gig

via p4pb 400 fl mb

1 g memory ddr 3200

120 g h/d

ati 9600 pro video card

soundblaster audigy platinum s/c.

Any thoughts as to what I can do to fix this will be a big help.
Thanks in advance

It is possible you video cards can't handle the load or you have your video setting to high. Set your video card to the lowest possible setting and try to duplicate the problem.


Are you running anything in the background whilst running the game?
This used to be the problem when i used to play Counter Strike.
Hope this helps, Nick

Nothing running in the background. I have turned off all un-necessary processes in task manager. I've lower my settings to medium and it seems to help but I was more curious if more memory or processor speed would help.

Well it shouldnt do as im running an amd xp 3000+ with oinly 512 ram and my games seem to play alright. Does it meet the spec for the game?
And have you checked your comp for spyware as this could be holding it back.
I would also ask any of your friends who have the game what spec their comp is and if theirs work alright becuase if this is the case you might need a reinstall. Try getting the latest drivers for your graphics card also.
Hope this helps, Nick