Hi guys,

I have 3 HPE servers all with iLO3 Advanced, in the office I can manage them easily as each has their own private IP, and the main server has ports opened so it can be access from outside the office, as some of you will know, the web interface does not work well with Chrome or Edge so I use the HPE Standalone software which works really well, other than it won't allow address + port ( xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5000 ) so I can only access this main server only.

How and what I need to do to be able to access all three servers remotely outside ? I don't think I can use vlan because they are all part of teh same office LAN.

That old nut. The old fashion (?) way to crack this is to remote into some PC on that network then run the app on the PC on that lan. It's within the usual IT skill set so I'll stop here.