hey first thread so if its in wrong spot i tried :D well computer crashes when ever i give it some tasks which uses a bit of thinking ie converting avi to dvd or simply playing a game i downloaded a program that reads out all the temps and soon as i do somethin the temps skyrocket it is really really bugging me. I got the computer off ebay 3 months ago 2.4Ghz duo celron 1 gb ram 80 gb hdd, it has integrated video which works alright but i dont think its video car injecting heat as there is no complex graphics when converting avi to dvd.

I have put 2 fans on the case one bit one on the back and a smaller one on the side

Any help would be appreciated

even if u give me an idea where to heat sink would be awesome

Perhaps look to see if your CPU heatsink and fan are full of dust. It happens after a while.

Just be aware, if you're going to remove the CPU heatsink there's a very specific process to put it back (namely spreading a thin layer of thermal-conductive goop between CPU and sink). If you're going that way, google search and make sure you're comfortable with putting it back together.

sorry i cant see that being a prob as it has done it since a had it, the guy said its a bios programming error and that doesnt count as a return

there must be somethin that can be suggested to reduce heat? the cpu fan should be fine as its a pretty new comp would another stick of 1gb ram do the trick?i am close to throwing the pos out the window its virtually useless and it getting worse

hello sir, it might not be the heating , did u try formatting?,and installing a new windows ?try it cause sometimes u need to install a fresh system to solve freezing problems ,and about heating,celeron cpus have high temp normaly more than other cpus anyway i suggest to install a new winsows and before that chek ur fans if they are working normaly .