A couple of weeks ago my laptop experienced wrong input of keyboard on some keys...adjacent keys or keys near each other tend to be typed even though only one key is pressed..for a while now i have been using a usb keyboard then suddenly my laptop's keyboard worked fine...i didnt do anything...the first time the keyboard behaved badly, I thought it had something to do with electricity so I just let my laptop rest then poof its fixed then after a couple of days that method didnt work anymore..I just want to know what happened..why my laptop's keyboard got fixed when I havent done anything at all.. MYSTERY!

The mysterious part would probably be what that small thing stucked on your keyboard.

and it affected keys like 2,w,3,e,j,k,i,k,l,o,etc.???...well I kinda remember seeing an ant from my laptop carrying what look like a crumb of something...can a crumb really affect the keyboard of a laptop that much?

Yeah. Aside from that theory, I couldn't think of any other explanation.

That, and maybe the key board had a bug. The laptop can fix its own problems. To an extent.

@ oriclon
how does that work

Your laptop/computer has a security feature that also looks for bugs in programs. Gets rid of viruses, unsecure data... fixes keyboards.

nice. Can it fix any thing else?

Yeah. Programs such as MS word.

nice. Can it fix any thing else?