basically my sister had a ipad ,and she was using for a long time and was enjoying using it and she forgot her ipad password. there was no way to reset the password without going to shop and we couldn't be bothered to take to pc store to reset the password and she asked me to guess the password as she know i would be able to as she she knows i managed to guess other people's password to the computers or something like that and break in succesfully as i told her that, and i wasn't lying to her i did. so i went for it. and after trying too many password attemps, it lockes us out after a hour. we got another ipad for her and i have the ipad, its sim is invalid.
i connect to the wifi first with the ipad and the chose my area and it says your ipad cannot be activated because the activation service is temporily unavaliable. try connecting your ipad to itunes it active it, or try again in a few minutes.
if this problems persists, contact apple support at
so i did another approch to learn more about the problems and what solution to do instead,
i disconnected from the wifi and proceed with the method to set it up and i did use itunes and a capble as it wanted me to connect it to itunes and that did not work for some reason.
i had to click on the network and click forget this network to disconnect from it and now i can use my method and i have and now its saying connect to itunes after i signed in itunes on my itunes software have the beginning of the capble in my laptop to the ipad using the end of the caple and each part of the capble is in properly and in the right places but it cannot connect, and i have signed into my itunes account on my itunes software on my laptop. how should i make it connect to itunes so that it works, how did i get passed this problem?
i have to chose 5 stupid relevant tags again, can someone add more hardware and itunes software tags as the relevent tags are all computer languages so it is quite limited.

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All that and I'm unsure about your question. I see " how did i get passed this problem? " but the words look a little off. Did you mean to ask " how do i get pass this problem? "

Apple products have reset protection so the phones and tablets are less valuable to worthless if stolen. To fix this you head to the link given and hopefully avoid a trip to the Apple store for a reset.

commented: i didn't mean that, its just this issue is isane dealing with it. i need to get a new sim or look more on youtube or this won't work +0

@Yusef, Apple's reset protection is really good. There are many prior discussions with many wanting to avoid a trip to the Apple store. I don't see why we need a rehash of this topic but hey, did you try the link given onscreen and go through the motions? If you didn't you must do that now.

After that, it's a trip the store which is yes a pain but hey, Apple did a great thing here to keep folk from stealing many more phones and tablets.

commented: when i said here, i meant only in daniweb and diffrent pages of it not this page +0

@Yusef. Let me write I know a bit about Apple's reset protection. That said, I don't know how to get around it since well, if that was simple you would google it and thieves would use that to get around it and we're back to as good as no protection.

So here's what I know. Apple's reset protection is REALLY GOOD! Once in a while there will be a person that writes "you don't know anything about this since you can't crack it."

To that I answer I've never had to crack it since I make the time to get to the Apple store if the onscreen link fails to get the job done.

Now if the person doesn't have a leg to stand on as in the Apple device isn't theirs, how could they complain?

in your case, you can't connect to itunes no matter what. you will need a pin and you will need to take out the invalid sim and put a valid sim from your phone in the ipad and set the ipad up as new and follow all the steps to set it up and then put the valid back in the device it came from it came from one.

in other cases, when you can't connect to itunes 1 solution is to connect the ipad and laptop by a cable. disconnect the ipad from a network and click connect to itunes, download and install itunes care, on your laptop and then set it up on your laptop and restart your laptop and go on itunes care and it usally would connect.

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