Hello! Recently I ordered a server off of amazon. It arrived today, I opened it and there wasn't a Power cord even though it was listed to be included on the amazon page.

I don't know a lot about this stuff but I know power cords are relatively cheap so I would rather purchase one instead of complaining to the seller, but which one do I get? I don't know if I need to get a specific one coordesponding to the wattage or something (700). Any help is very much appreciated as I'm kind of knew to this stuff. Thanks in advance!

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A typical computer power cord will work fine. Nothing special is required for this type if rack mount server.

If you are supplying the server with 120v get a standard cord. If you are supplying 240v then buy the appropriate cable. I suspect your going with the 120v. The 240 connections are more common when servers are hosted in data centers.

hm Okay thanks for the information, I was just a bit concerned.
Again I'm not very good with this topic but 120v will be fine with my PSU? So will this work?
Thanks again, help is appreciated.

I would believe so. While not all power cords are the same quality, there should be no reason a standard computer power cord won't work. Those servers have power supplies very similar to what you find in desktop systems. Just compare it from the specs sheet.

Even if you purchase one (probably about $5 from Best Buy or Office Despot), you should post a complaint with Amazon - they owe you either a cord, or credit. If you don't, then they won't know to review packaging/shipping processes with their providers...

Alright thanks guys!

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