I have had a Dell Inspiron that's served me well for three years. I recently moved into a new apartment with suspicious electrical surges. Even though I have a surge protector, I'm afraid there was some sort of an internal power surge.

I was using my computer with no problems, when the warning came on that I have to switch to AC power. I looked at my AC adapter (which was plugged in properly) and the green light was no longer lit.

I then tried plugging my computer into a friend's Dell AC adapter and it burned it out as well.

Question 1) How can I salvage my files if I my battery is dead and it can't be recharged?

Question 2) Is there any hope for my computer? Or is it time to buy a new one?

-Dell Dummy

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First take your battery out its probably the culprit. Try your computer with another adapter if you can without the battery if it works you've got the answer. Get a new battery. I've come accross similar problems and the battery was the cause.

Second, to save your data take the HDD out, they normally just pull out on Dells, take it out of the chassis so you just have the HDD without the Dell connectors. You will have to buy an adapter that converts you laptop IDE into a full size IDE or you can get IDE to USB adapters, (just make sure its a laptop size IDE connector though).

Now you can either plug your laptop HDD into a pc's IDE socket or into any computers USB and you can get all your files off.

The Laptop IDE to PC ide adapters are cheap only about £10-£15 the usb adapters are about £20-£30.:cool:

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