I have an Averatec 3200 series laptop. I went to boot it up a few days ago and it keeps going back to the black screen that says Windows did not start properly. I have tried booting it with every option in there (safe mode, normally, last good configuration, safe mode with command prompt, safe mode with networking). I bought it in January 2005. For about the last 6 months it has overheated and shut down after a couple hours use but would always restart. About a week ago I got a blue screen (sorry, can't remember the error message) and now every time I try to boot it I see a blue screen flash but it is too fast to see what it says. I know that I could probably use my recovery disk to reformat but I would rather not if I don't have to because I have precious pictures of my children and pets that I would rather not lose. Any ideas to try before going that route? I'm hoping to take it in this weekend to at least have my data recovered but if I can fix it myself that would be preferable.

did u ever find out wa to do...i have the same problem