Hi All,

I hope someone came accross this problem.

I booted from a MiniPE boot CD to recover few GIG of undeleted files.
Once everything is finished the DVD drive opened and the PC hang. so I switched off my PC and I've rebooted normally.

What's happening now is so bizarre. The DVD drive is acting in an opposite way :eek: . I mean when i switch off the PC it opens. I put a cd into the bay close it and nothing happen.

Did anyone experienced anything similar (which I really doubt)?
Your input is highly appreciate.


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You will have to be more informative.
Is it a laptop?
What optical drive are we talking about?
Does it open while windows are shutting down or after the PC is turned off?
Does it display any messages?
Is there any strange log entries in event viewer at the shutdown time?


Hi Chaky,

It's a Philips DL DVD wirter installed in a Dell desktop.
No it doesn't close when windows is shuting down. but it opens when the PC is completely off and I switch it on. No error messages at all.
The BIOS recongnise it too.


That is wierd behaviour. I can explain it only by bad drive. Only thing I can suggest to remedy the problem is to flash the drive's BIOS. For more accurate advice you'll need to provide me with EXACT DVD model. POST drives listing, device manager, or (most advisable) drive itself contain the model signature.

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