Hi all , i hope i 'am writing this thread into right section.

Here is my problem. 2 days ago i bought Nec DVD_RW ND-3750A SCSI

when i put a empty dvd into it this error comes

Disk is not formatted

Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted , or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows.

İ dont understand what is my problem and i begging for help. What is the problem and how i can solve this problem ? Pls help me :(

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No no disk is fine i checked it in other dvd it works normal but in my pc that error occurs


What exactly are you doing with the disk for the error to occur? is it when you try to open the CD from my computer or is it when you are trying to burn something to it?

If it is when you are trying to open it then the error is most likely telling you that it is corrupted because it has nothing on it. For example, imagine trying to get a blank CD to play in a CD player. It just wont work

If you are trying to burn to the disk then it may just be some software conflicts.

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