I bought a SKD USB 2.0 Cardbus Model : QFASCB (two Slots). When I plug it into my PCMCIA card slot, my IBM recognise it and install drivers needed automatically. And then I can use my webcam pluged into this card. But when I plug in my USB HDD box (HDD Hitachi Travelstar manufactured for IBM laptop + USB 2.0 box), my laptop inform that "Hardware error occured" and can not recognise that USB HDD ! If I plug in that USB HDD to USB port 1.1 built-in of my laptop , my system informe that "Hi-speed USB plug into Low speed USB port and run normally (eg. I can see everything on that USB HDD).
note: i bought another one NEC (four Slots)and it works properly in the same slot !!.
if anyone could help solve the problem, please reply here, or on my e-mail: mostakari@tedata.net.eg
thank you

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I have the Same Problem with the Same Exact Card. on a dell inspiron 5100 laptop. But with only one difference, my laptop doesn't give my any identification or even installs any drivers for the card when I insert it.
By the way I'm from EG too. :)


This may be beacuse your card is incompatible to the motherboard chipsets, they are more than likely to be NEC chipsets on the motherboard which is why the NEC card works.

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