ive an intel 865gbf mobo. it supports 5.1 ch audio(or so is claimed i guess). i was planning to attach am TEAC amp to the pc. do i need a sound card if im attaching an amp? wouldnt my amp be doing the same thing a sound card does!??
help appreciated

kind regards

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The motherboard has an integrated sound card, so you don't need to buy a separate card, but you may want to buy one in the near future if the onboard solution fails to deliver decent audio to your ears. ;)

if u r putting amp then u not need to buy the sound card because ur amp will work to produce good sound out put. in that case ur amp should be of good quality

what is the need of extra sound card????IS Onbord sound card not enough to produce good sound quality?????

No you do not need sound card.

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