Hi guys heres the deal. Ive just built up a system in the usual "very carefully" way but when i power up, the lights come on and the fans spin for a second then the system shuts off. This was the first boot so never been in bios or had a chance to POST. Ive had it stripped down to near nothing just the psu and heatsink and still the same lights and fans on then off a second later. All components are new aswell. Heres the spec

Raidmax ninja case with 500W (says 580W on the manual but 500W on the site)
Foxcomm NF4SLI7AA Motherboard
Intel Dual2Core E6600 2.4Ghz
2GB Corsair twin x
Seagate 320GB harddrive
NEC DVD drive
EVGA ge force 8800GTX

new update if i hold the reset button and power up then it doesnt switch back off again, still no display. Im not gonna keep it on for any more than a sec so not really a help. Theres also a molex connector on the board not sure what thats for exactly.

Molex connector on the board is used when you have 2 VGAs in Sli mode.

I suggest that you try connecting VGA and CPU only (no memory, drives..) to see if you get any POST.

Make sure your VGA is in top slot.