I am in need of replacing the LCD backlamp. Would anyone know where to find a "how to" site?

The backlight is extremely difficult to get and very expensive unless you know where to go, with prices ranging from $75 to $150. Sony will charge you $150 to fix it.
If you go to a local technian, be sure they have real experience on the Sony VAIO laptops.
You can open the case to remove the inverter, then post the part number online... or search on eBay by VAIO model number, or do a google search for Sony VAIO laptop parts.
There are parts for a few of the most popular (meaning sales) models, but not for many.
You will have your best luck with a good search for the part or for a Sony VAIO repair person.
We do that work in our shop. The part costs us $77 for that model, but we buy in volume. To repair it in most shops, their cost is $119 plus shipping, and of course the need to make a profit.

I need a schematic for my Sony Vaio. The circuit that provides the drive signal to the LCD driver is not functioning. The LCD driver, backlight and dislay have been ckecked and are ok. I just don't have the right signal to the input of the LCD driver. Can you (or anyone) help with schematic for this laptop?