Hello, I'm in need of:

-and a new case hehehe (hence the topic!)

Basically , at the minute my bog standard case is to small now, I have to keep a hand drive in there without a place for it! Yes I know not the best solution! - I've been looking for a decent and well built case for some time now.

I have a few requests from the case itself:
*Must be supper quiet! - the one I've got at present is like a 747!
*Must be able to hold at least 4 HDD (3.5), a floppy and 3 CD drives (5.25) bays.

err cant think of anything else, I have no budget limit but I have found this one:


I know its a little pricy, but its well nice too! I anyone as something different but not a modded one, I'll be happy to take a look. Also thats the cheapest I've seen that case for, if someone can find / know it cheaper that would be cool aswell

Thanks guys


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go for a Jeantech case and build the PC yourself. that way you can put in super quiet fans and upto 4 hard disks and optical disk bays. you also get two 3.5 inch floppy drive bays. ideal for a floppy drive or media card reader. it honestly depends on what you are looking for. go to www.pcworld.co.uk or www.jeantech.co.uk . both are reasonable prices

Jeantech cases are really nice, but if I had the choice and money, I'd probably go for a Lian-Li case. My pick would be this one:


I like it: It's got lots of 3.5" bays, it doesn't have a case window (I think they're gaudy), and it doesn't have a blank for a floppy, which I never use anymore. All and all, I think it's a really classy case that has all of the features I'd demand.

Of course, there's no accounting for taste. I prefer an understated, simple looking case, without all of the plastic cladding and stuff. As a matter of fact, I've even gone so far as to rip off the fronts of my cases when they annoy me too much.

Edit: Looking back at the case you picked, I think it's really nice, too-- I really like how easy it looks to install the motherboard and the powersupply. I think it runs a close second to the case I mentioned above.

alex i agree with you on both aspects that you have mentioned above. however the floppy bay doesnt need to be used as a floppy bay anymore. im thinking of installing a media card reader in that bay. save the bigger bays for the more fun things in life like fan speed controllers and lightscribe dvd writers. get my point. i got the case that i did cos it was easy to work inside and spacious without being overly big.

Has anyone seen these Thermaltake cases? http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/armor.htm

I have a full size one and love it. Its extremly quite for how many fanes it has and it cools down my system great! :D

Of course. I have a tsunami case myself and would not change it.

they're quite nice actually. might get 1 for my next building project.

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