Just curious if anyone else has one of these monitors? Why? Because I do, and it seems that no matter what video card I use, ATI or NVIDIA the screen picture is generally darker that it should be. Especially when gaming.

The only odd thing to note, is if I use my old Voodoo3 card I have clear and bright images. Gee I really miss 3DFx. Their cards were still the best.

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Sorry, only Sony's over here! I used to use an ATI Rage 128, then I had an ATI Radeon (the original, before the 8000 and 9000 series, etc), and then finally moved over to Nvidia Geforce territory.


Thanks, but I have tried the settings and they work fine for Windows, but in games not so well.

Oh well. Once my house is finished I buying an LCD Monitor anyhow.

Thanks for the help anyhow!


Another thing you may want to look into is a utility called PowerStrip. You can make a profile for games, and set it to extremely bright. Before you open the game, just activate the games profile (Powerstrip profiles can be set from a system tray icon) and run the game. When your done, go back to defaults.

Thats what I do..

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