I have a KDS monitor, about 4 years old. Works well except it sometimes changes color tone. A white page may look a little yellow and changes back to looking whiter. I checked all the cables, for cuts and tightness.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

It's the cable gone bad seriously time for a new monitor cable and/or a monitor. Juggle the cable till it turns white tape it into that position.

I was given an old KDS monitor some time ago and it seems that they aren't the most reliable pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, you may want to get a new/newer monitor. I tried the tape thing, and it just doesn't seem to work well enough.

:o I am planning to change out the monitor cables. If that doesn't work I will be planning my purchase of a new monitor, in the near future.

Thank you all for the suggestions and the endless work done for others at this site.

Please close out this thread.

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