When I view a video clip, of any type, my monitor goes blank, I turn it off and then on, then it is fine. Any idea what I can do to fix this? My system is WinXPHome, HP desktop, screen is KDS (thin screen).

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is it new? and does it have a warranty?

What video card do you have? Do you have the latest video card drivers installed? (i.e. from ATi or NVidia) What program are you using to play video clips?

Video Card? Without taking the computer apart, I looked at my display adapter in Hardware, Device Manager, the video is s3 Graphics ProSavage from S3 Graphics INc., with driver date of driver.

thats probably your problem, you should update your drivers for your card, im not to sure where to go on your computer but mine is under ati on my programs list you can click on configure option and there should be an option somewhere to run a wizard to check for updates

You'll have better luck posting in the hardware forum. I'm moving this thread there.

thank you for changing the post location to hardware

my link proir should help you in your quest for drivers...

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