Here's the story:

My friend wanted to see my graphics card in my old computer, a cicero. I say old, but by all means it is still a decent machine, the card is a radeon 9200 pro, I believe, nothing special.

Anyways, I opened up the computer and tried taking out the card, but I yanked pretty hard and it wouldn't come out. I then realised there was a clip holding it to the motherboard that I hadn't undone. After I unclipped it, it came out no problem.

However, when I put the card back in and booted up, nothing displayed on my monitor, and a fairly loud alarm started sounding that seemed to be coming from the motherboard. Also, the light on the powerbutton at the front of the computer started flashing in strobe fashion really quickly, syncronized to the sound of the alarm. I tried re-inserting the video card in and making sure thta all the cables in the computer were properly connected, but still, the machine doesn't want to boot and all I hear is that alarm. to not, there is an orange LED light that is showing on the motherboard when I turn it on, I'm not sure if that is relevant.

I'm wondering if I somehow damaged the computer when I tried to take out the video card, or when I put it back in. I never heard any cracks and nothing seeme dto give way, but the alarm only started occuring after I put the card back in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm stuck!

Extra info: The alarm is continuoous and the signals and pauses come in short bursts, really fast. My best guess is that I somehow damaged my video card and the is why this is happening.


was it pci express?
they usually have clips

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