Please, i really need some help with it.
i bought athlon xp 64 san diego 3700+, asus A8N VM{CSM}
xclio 450w sli powersupply , kingston 512ram and a samsung 18x dvd drive
the only thing i did not buy new was the HDD because i had an old Mactor 40Gb laying around. i set up every thing smoothly as always and when i tried to boot the Asus logo boot screen would just stay there and the pc would not boot, i also tried booting with a windows xp cd on the drive but it woldnt boot at all
i checked the bios settings and it recognized EVERYTHING , but it just wouldnt boot. Later i enetred in the bios again and just exited my way out of it without changing anything and i saw a blue screen for like 0.5 seconds but since i have good reflexes , i saw the blue screen and i saw some 000 some xxxxxx and some numbers.
wel then later i tried to use my main HDD from my main Tower which is nicley configured and the pc booted up but after a long time
so here are my questions
What is the problem/.?
Is it the MB?
OR is it the HDD.
im having a new HDD being shipped so im hopping that the HDD is the problem , and if its not im stuck and do not know what to do.

Please do not, ever PM me asking to look at your thread.

yeah, thats really not cool, man.

ok... im in desperate need for help and i really need an answer fast and i was looking in the forums who is good at tech that why i pm a mod
i didnt know that wasnt cool

It's true that you shouldn't PM the mods with "frivolous" messages, but if they have the time to post a public rebuke they should also have the time to respond to your question in the forum.

When you take a hdd that has been used with another motherboard there are drivers that it is used to seeing, and when you install it with another motherboard it tries to recognize the new drivers from that board, this confuses the hell out of it. Sometimes the hdd can recover from this, other times it can damage the registry.

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yes but the thing is i didnt even boot up
i directly placed the new windows xp installation cd to reinstall the os because i knew what would happen witht he old HDD
thank you for taking the time to respond not like those other people[doc]