I've got a desktop computer that I bought in Spain that won't startup over here in the states. If it makes any difference, it's running W98 (spanish version) and it's an older pentium, don't remember and can't tell cause it won't start up.

The problem's got to be in the power supply (guess it could be the hard disk). Over there we used 220v 50 hz power. However, since the power supply is supposed to take any current I thought it would work with no problem here.

It's a Jou Jye Electronic Co., Ltd, switching power supply - Model: AP-3-1 (250W MAX) rev 2.03

AC - input listed as Voltage 115~ 230v~
Current 6A 3A
Frequency 50-60 Hz

I thought I could just change the power cord (same power supply end) to an American plug in and it would work. My notebooks work that way.

When I do that, nothing happens at all.

I had to use a transformer over there for a lot of my American stuff (220 to 120), so I tried one for this (just used it backwards for 120 to 220) and the computer did try to start up - I got some front panel lights, the fan starts, and the disk starts to access but after 5 or 6 seconds, nothing else. No monitor signal.

I'm thinking I need a new power supply, but when I put the computer in the box for shipping to the states, it worked fine. I guess I need to test it to see before I go tearing it out of the case - can anybody help me troubleshoot it? I've got voltmeters and such in my toolbox.

Thanks much,

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On the back of the power supply unit you should find a small red switch which converts from 220v to 110v. If you've tried running it with only half the voltage necessary coming from the power outlet then I'm not surprised that it doesn't work.

No, there's no switch. There's only the input plug with the normal three prongs, the wires that supply DC voltage to the computer and an on/off switch. Nothing else on the outside of the PS except the holes for the screws to attach it to the case.

When I switch it on, the fan doesn't even come on. I know it's not much to go on. I suppose I need to start unplugging cables out of the PS to see if any of them have DC but if the fan doesn't work, then what's the use.

Hi Catweazle,

Forget the second part of my last post. I was temporarily bamboozled or something!

I just hooked the computer up both ways with these results - the same as the last time I tried it.

With 120V coming in, the front panel green light comes on with the start button light flashing. I hit the start button and the front panel red light comes on (if I remember right, that's the hard disk) and nothing else happens. No noise from the hard disk.

With 220V coming in, the same thing happens, except I have noise coming from the hard disk. But still no startup. But there also should be no difference in the two - this power supply is supposed to change according to the voltage input.

I don't know what's going on with this thing. From the markings on the PS it should work the same way the PS's work on my notebooks. I've travelled all over the world with them and no matter what voltage I put in (with the right adapter for the wall plug) they work no problem.

Oh dear! I suppose all you could really do is try to operate it with a power supply fitted that is known to be in working order. That way you can determine for sure if it's the power unit at fault or not.

'Swap and check' is really the best way to test.

I'm afraid that you are right. That's the solution I was headed for anyway. Do you guys know of a good online supplier of power supplies. I know you can get these older 250's for about $20. If you don't, I'll look on the net, but it would be nice to have some idea for one that is a known entity if you know what I mean...

Thanks for the input,

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