Hello, I am new to this forum.

I use Windows XP home SP2

I have just set up Dual monitors on my desktop PC. One is 19" LG Flatron and a 17" Diamond Digital Flatscreen. Running on an AGP GeForce FX5500 video card.

The 17" is running off a DVI to VGA adapter and is set as the secondary monitor.

My problem is that this secondary monitor is not displaying colour correctly, it looks faded in areas and text is just about unreadable. I have adjusted all colour settings and it does not change the appearance at all.

I have installed all the latest drivers and nothing changed. I have changed over the connections on the video card the prob is still there. When I plug the monitors in separately they both work OK, so it's not the monitors.

I have searched the web without any results so far.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? OR what the problem might be please?

Ok, I have solved the problem myself. I did not tweak the colour setting enough. It was the Gamma settings that were causing the problem with my Nvidia card.
All working great now.
Thanks, Wombie

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