My computer has gone into super slow mode. I reformatted and attempted to re-load windows which took more than 14 hours. I thought the hard drive had gone bad so I replaced that. That didn't help. The computer is still is super slow mode. Any ideas?

Well what are your specs and what operating system did you try to installed that toook 14 hours?

I suppose you have checked out my listing about my REALLY REALLY slow pc. There is lots of stuff on there that might help you.

No I dont understand remember my question?

No I dont understand remember my question?

That's a different poster there, MAD DOG ;)

oops lol thanks a lot thought something was werid didn't see that thanks.

check your bios... enable L2.

When this happend to me what I did was started my computer in safe mode ran ad-aware
SE and spybot (that will get rid of it) to keep it form comeing back is simple fun windows update thats what I did and i have not had a problem.

Digging up old threads, are we?

The OP hasn't responded in over 8 months... don't think they've still stuck around...