Yeah my comp aint got an AGP port, and it has a really crappy chipset that dont support vertex or pixel shaders the chipset is the Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV. I really need ta figure out how i can get an AGP slot into this comp, i got a wicked ATI card that i cant use :(. my motherboard is the Dell Computer Corp. 0F5949 A01
i searched online an cant even find the specs on google. Any help would b appreciated, thanx to all that reply

OH an one more question as i said i have the Dell Computer Corp. 0F5949 A01 mobo, and was wondering if it has any pci-e slots???

You can't just "add" a video card slot. They come built onto your motherboard. What you will have to do, is buy a new motherboard, and likely a new computer case, and you will need to reinstall your windows os as well to fit the new chipsets of the new motherboard. The new motherboard will likely require a new case becasue the mounting holes probably wont line up, and the size of the motherboard probably wont be the same. You probably will have to upgrade your powersupply as well to handle the extra load of the graphics card too. So you are basically forced to upgrade build a whole new computer if you wish to upgrade.