Hello everyone , this is my first time posting, so i would like to say hello to all. Anyway, the pc in question is a Hi-Grade, 128 memory, windows xp home edition pc. Sorry i don't know much else about it, as it's my friends pc, and he is at his wit's end with it.
So this is the problem. I turn on the pc, black screen, then it goes to the blue screen of death, but only for about a quarter of a second so i can't really get to read what it's telling me. After that, the pc restarts, and goes into a cycle of doing the same thing. It eventually comes to the "pick the way you want to start your pc " screen. I.E, safe mode, etc etc. i tried all possiblities, but to no avail. I even tried booting from a xp cd, but it stops responding after about 5 minutes of installing a fresh xp home. The pc just shuts down, and doesn't restart. Is there something i am missing out, could i format the pc before installing xp through command prompt ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

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Good day....couple things-have you checked your registry to get it repaired/cleaned? Have you recently installed any new/incompatible , hardware, software or driver which may deny it from continuing operating properly....

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