Pixels reduced to 640x480 week ago on 16 colors.
Since then have tried:
Download / install new drivers (NVidia Vanta LT) / Restore to month earlier, then a complete restore to factory settings / Switching monitor and cable / Wiggle and take out and replace video card / BIOS check - (AIDA 32 said over 2 yrs old but compaq has no updates on site). Full virus check (-ve)
Exclamation mark by display adaptor but refuses to be deleted. Is it time to give up and buy a new video card?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Old sore eyes, Caro

I'm having that same problem right now, I've been trying to change the setting back to where is was before, but the arrow will not move when I try to drag it over to the right. And I have no clue how the problem happened in the first place, I hadn't had my computer on for about a week,then just a couple days ago, I turned it on - had everything was bigger. I have a HP Pavilion xt953 with Windows 98 installed.

Before you install the NVIDIA drivers, install the standard microsoft VGA drivers and restart the computer. To do so, from Device Manager, choose to update the drivers manually for the graphics card. In the drivers list, select Standard VGA drivers from the left hand list and on the right hand side, choose Standard Driver (VGA compatible). After installing the VGA drivers, restart the computer twice (just to be sure) and then install the NVIDIA drivers and get back to us.

Hello, I found that I've already got VGA Driver, but not NVIDIA. I went to system properties to the device manager tab. In display adapters, I show 2 VGA Drivers. On the second VGA Driver it shows an ! with yellow surrounding it. And there is no nVIDIA. What should I do from here?