going bananas with my new unit. I bought a SATA burner, and a SATA II HD for my dual Opteron system.
I've installed W2K3 Server on it, patched it to the max, and now I want to ghost it before installing the board-specific drivers.

Stumped. I can't find a driver for dos-mode W98 that will work w/ my burner. The drive is a Plextor PX-716SA.

My other machines have IDE burners, and SATA drives, and Ghost can write to them no problem.

I don't know if ghost will read the drives or not, but the OS can't see the optical drive.

The W98 bootable CD boots OK, and I can see the HD, but W98 won't load a CD driver.

Any ideas?
Can't phone Plextor 'til Monday. I could throw an IDE burner in there temporarily, but it would suck to have to keep switching all the time. I take snapshots of machines as I build them so I don't have to re-start from scratch when I screw up.


Did you ever find out how to do it, I have the same issure only with a Lite-on drive

give Me solution for lg sata CD ROM DRIVER for ghost software

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