I'm having some issues with a new pc build. I can't even get it to POST! No video signal whatsoever from the onboard video. The parts are as follows:

ECS P4M800PRO-M V2 Socket 775 MOBO w/ onboard video (I know it's a cheapie motherboard)
Intel P4 3.06 GHZ 524 04A 533 MHZ FSB
1 GB PC4200 533 PNY RAM (Single Stick)
250GB Hitachi HDD
Dual Layer DVD-Burner
500 Watt Ultra V-Series PSU
Ultra Defender Mid tower case

I triple checked my jumpers per the motherboard instructions. I've built over 20 pc's and haven't run into issues like this before. It is driving me mad here. What was strange was that the DVD burner was blinking alot and also when I tried to open the drive it opened up a quarter of the way and closed by itself. I did a bit of reading and I pulled out the motherboard to see if I had a standoff in the wrong place grounding the motherboard out. Alas, there wasn't. So I placed the motherboard on the box it came in. I then hooked up the PSU to the ATX connector and 4 pin CPU connector and the heatsink fan to it's connecter. I then put the 1 ram stick in and hooked up the monitor cable to the onboard video. I then used a screwdriver to "jump" the PWR button jumpers to turn it on. Everything turned on but still no video signal. The onboard speaker doesn't make any "Beeps" it just makes a constant ticking every 2 seconds or so.

I then tested the RAM in another machine and it works perfectly fine. I used everest home edition in the test machine to verify that it was indeed PC4200 RAM at 533 MHZ. I haven't tested the PSU in another machine because I'm assuming that it works considering that all fans come on including the DVD-Burner although it's acting strangely. I've ordered a new motherboard but alas I still want to know your thoughts.


Your mobo supports DDR and DDR2 memory architectures. 2 slots per each. Make sure that your (it is DDR2, isn't it?) memory is in appropriate slot.

Otherwise, I say you have a bad mobo there.

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