Okay, in my Device Manager, this is what it says:


But yet, when I put my CD's in, nothing opens, and the icon is still like this:


I was on the phone with Dell support, but as I was trying when they were on the phone, the disc worked, and I was trying to install Counter Strike (4 Disks) at the time. She said try another disk, so I tried to put my Shade45 CD in and it worked. So I said thanks anyway and hung up, I put my Counter Strike Disk one in, and then it started installing, come to inserting Disk 2, it started acting crazy on me again and it's not reading anything anymore.

Whats going on, I really want to install Counter Strike Source, so please help me fix it.
Also, I tried uninstalling the driver and no luck. I don't see the problem here since the driver says it's working.

I bought a Dell Precision Workstation 690 a couple of months ago and everything worked fine. Last month, just like you, suddenly the DVD+RW drive stopped recognizing anything I put into it. It was always as if there was nothing in it. However, I was able to double-click its icon in My Computer and instead of giving me the normal "No media in drive" message it just opened up an empty window.

I called up Dell tech support and it turned out the drive had gone bad. Why it went bad two months after I purchased the new computer has yet to be seen. But they did go ahead and overnight me a new drive which works just fine ... for now.

Wow, exact same story with the whole Drive thing, and being able to view the blank screen, etc.

But I guess I'll give Dell a call, hopefully they will send me a better drive. Thanks Dani.