Please help.

  • When I switch my computer on, then some process takes 100% of my processor. When I use the “Task list”, then there is program “SCVhost.exe”, and when I switch if off, then CPu usage becames 5-10% (like always, in normal day). In fact, SCVhost.exe shows, that it is switches twice…And this kind of problem appeared after some kind of Windows update has installed this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t know, what kind of update it was – this updated installed automatically, when computer was in process of shutting down.
  • After this update, windows doesn’t see my sound card…the drivers is ok, there is no troubleshoot and the device is working properly, but in Control panel – Sounds and Audio Devices windows shows, that there is no device thot Hardware shows that sound card is OK.

P.S. When windows starts, the sound card is active, but whet all programs from startup is loaded, the sound card disappears…
I have reinstalled the driver. I cant make Windows recovery, because it is switched of.

I have MSI S775 I945PL GLAN SATAII 8CH DDRII mother board with integrated 5.1 sound card…

Thanks in advance!

Like you said this problem only began when the update was installed, i think the update is the cause fo this problem, i would suggestion restoring the PC to a Previous state, just remeber the date when this took place and restore it to a previous date. But remeber to make a backup on a USB or CD of all your important files that you worked on since then or else u will lose them. To access system restore go to start>-all programs>-Accessories>-System Tools and u select System restore. Or u can access the system restore by restarting the pc and pressing F8 when the system boots. then click no.
Bera in mind that by doing this your computer will be restored to the condition befora the update took place.
Hope this helps

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