Hello I have recently removed the tower cover and gently brushed the dust out of the three fans in my PCs and I didn't disconnect anything after I finished cleaning the dust out an put the tower cover back on and reconnected VGA and mouse and keyboard I started the pc the monitor keep going into sleep mode can anyone help me

Try this its magic(unplug your power cable on your CPU then press and hold the power button for 1min then put the power cable back then turn on your CPU. It should be working fine =) email me icejohnsson06@gmail.com if need help.

Hello guys, I have a problem with my pc, using MSI PM8M3-V. It boots up but there is no display. The monitor says "Check signal Cable" tried it on my laptop cable and monitor are fine. I then did these:
1) CHecked video card - I replaced with an old one which definately works and still no activity. I then thought it could be the AGP slot but when I put the original card back i removed the power connections for it and it started beeping, so I presume the slot is ok? Not sure though.

2) Made sure all cables were in correctly - yes

3) Removed CMOS battery and replaced - no difference

4) Memory - removed one stick - no difference, removed other stick - no difference.

4) CHecked CPU - seemed to be seated in correctly but removed and replaced anyway, again no difference.

Please help. It was just working before, i turned it off now when powering, nothing works.

I was have the same problem.
Service Center found out that the problem was in the burned chip of motherboard and i had to change motherboard.

yes help me

how to troubleshoot and fix the issue of No signal to Monitor that happen to my PC every thing is ok , cpu is fine also power so what is the problem and how to fix it

my computer send massage window shut down check your hdd i try to instore a new wnds but still massage caming how to fix it

my dextop computer havea problem

when i puss power button then motherboard light on and processor is running but no display showing and no connection to keyboard and mouce.

please help me

Why do you need signal to monitor?

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